Hestan has brought some unusual, and groundbreaking features, with
advantages that has not been seen in the grilling world till now.  Without
even looking on the inside of the grill, you know this grill is different and
special.  You are probably noticing one of the 12 distinct colors that Hestan
grills can come in, you have your choice of a freestanding cart or as a built in
for your outdoor kitchen.  They also have the matching accessories, including
doors, drawers, and many more in whatever color you choose as well.  

Now on to the inside of the grill, you will see how this grill stands above the
rest.  It starts off with a spring assisted hood lift for easy use. They have
added a Salamander ceramic infrared top burner which gives you the ability to
get that restaurant style sear on your food. They offer motion active stadium
style lighting to make cooking anytime an easy time. Each grill comes with
Diamond Cut 5/16″ stainless steel cooking grates. These grills are made
using 304 grade stainless steel and have a heavy gauge welded body
construction. The burners are 321 grade stainless steel. Choose your grill
with two different combinations of burners including all Trellis burners, or with
an installed, ceramic infrared sear burner in place of one of the Trellis burners.

Thanksgiving turkey will never be the same again because they also feature a
rotisserie system like no other. It features a motor that can hold up to 50
pounds, ultra-quiet, and motorized chain driven system.  They could conceal
the motor in the grill, that means you never have to see that ugly rotisserie
motor like you see on many other grills. When your done with your rotisserie,
you can store the rod behind the grill head.

All grills feature a Marquise accented control panel and hood handle,
commercial grade end caps, and die cast control knobs. These features, along
with others, compliment the appearance, strength, and workmanship, that
you get with a Hestan.  
Hestan is what a feature packed fully loaded high end grill should be. This
product is Made in the USA, with Signature Color Options to choose from.
12 Hestan Signature Color Finish Options
Hestan Built In Grill Heads
Hestan Internal Grill

  • Available in 30″, 36″ 
  • Spring assist for ease of opening hood
  • Two 20-watt halogen interior lights for the brightest illumination
  • Built-in ceramic infrared rotisserie burner from 12,000 to 14,000 BTUs
    (depending on model) with simple touch-on function
  • High-performance stainless tubular burners at 23,000 BTUs each
  • Patent-pending stainless steel rod grate
  • High-performance variable ceramic infrared sear burner at 23,000 BTUs
  • Patent-pending Symmetrical flip-to-clean radiant tray with ceramic disc
  • Room to cook with large grilling surfaces:
  • 30″ wide grill – 519 sq. in. primary grilling surface/ 147 sq. in. for
    warming rack surface
  • 36″ wide grill – 647 sq. in. primary grilling surface/ 183 sq. in. for
    warming rack surface
  • External rotisserie motor with a single-speed, 3 rpm, 40 in-lbs motor
    (rotisserie models only)
  • Patent-pending Marquise™ accented control panel and hood handle
    with commercial-grade end caps
  • Hot surface ignition system
  • Lifetime warranty on welded body, stainless tubular burners, variable
    sear burners and rotisserie burner
  • Heavy-gauge, welded body construction
  • LED front control panel lighting with simple touch-on function
  • Patent-pending monogrammed temperature gauge with cooking zone
  • Stainless steel removable drip tray for easy maintenance and cleanup
  • Patent-pending Zamak die-cast knobs and bezels
  • Porcelain broiling pan with stainless steel rotisserie spit and forks
    (rotisserie models only
Aspire Grill Heads