Rubs and Smoking Woods
Bourlier's has fist size smoking chunks in
many wood types:
Apple                        Hickory
Cherry                       Mesquite
Maple                        Grape
Pear                           Peach
Pecan                        Alder
Bourlier's also carries the shredded
wood chips also:

Apple                Cherry                Maple
Pecan                Hickory              Mesquite
Alder                 Peach                 Orange
Bourlier's features the full Dizzy Pig Rub line, even salt-free.
We feature all of the Kansas City BBQ winning rubs. Over 25
different ones. If we do not have it, ask, will get it.
We have the Treager line
Spice up your menu with mouth-watering Big Green Egg Dizzy Gourmet Seasonings. Dizzy Gourmet
Seasonings are made from scratch … with great ideas, exotic spices, fresh herbs, no preservatives
and nothing artificial. No bad karma, msg or gluten – nothing added unless it tastes great and is good
for you!
Lump Charcoals
Primo Charcoal 20 LB Bag

Primo's 20-Pound bag of 100-Percent All-Natural
Lump Charcoal is the premium choice fuel for grills and
smokers. This special blend of charcoal is free of tars
and other harmful chemicals. It weighs less, lights
faster, and burns hotter and longer than standard
briquettes. When used in a Primo, a single load can be
reused several times and when cooking low and slow,
it can burn for up to 36 hours. With average use, a
20-Pound bag can last up to 35 cooks. Cook with
Primo natural lump charcoal alone or in combination
with your favorite seasoned wood for a great smoky
Que Charcoal 10 LB Bag
Eco Friendly, made from coconut shells that would have gone to waste

• 100% Organic
• Made with coconut shells and starch; no wood, chemicals, filler or
preservatives are added.
• Burns Longer & Hotter
• Burns up to 30% longer and sustains heat up to 50% longer than
regular charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal.
• Burns Cleaner
• Produces less ash and is biodegradable. No flare-ups. No odour.
• Eco Friendly
• No trees are harvested in the manufacturing of our charcoal.
Sugar Maple Charcoal 17.6 LB BAG

  • Hardwood lump charcoal made with 100% Canadian logs
  • Provides sweet and mild flavor only available from sugar maple