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About Electric Fireplaces

Anyone can enjoy an electric fireplace anytime of year.  Options are plentiful with electric fireplaces, with the choice of a traditional or a contemporary look.  You can have them hanging on a wall, or as a part of your media console.  Looking for light or dark tones to your fireplace, electric fireplaces offer many different finishes.

Electric fireplaces have zero emissions and thus, zero harm to your family and pets. Those inflicted with allergies and medical conditions such as asthma can find comfort and convenience in any one of our electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces are one of the most efficient ways to heat a room, which in turn, reduces energy costs. Electric fireplaces heat rooms faster and more efficiently than real wood burning fireplaces do. Since heat rises, traditional chimney fireplaces let all the heat out through the chimney.

With an electric fireplace, rooms warm up quickly and stay warm throughout the entire use. With LED technology incorporated into each of our fireplaces, and they consume less energy than regular incandescent bulbs that use to be used.  LED technology allows us to create more life like and vibrate looking flames.

Electric fireplaces are the least expensive option as far as adding a new fireplace to your home or business. With an electric fireplace, there is no chimney cleaning, no service checks, and no costly installation fees- just plug it in and enjoy

Brands Featured In Our Showroom

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We are an authorized dealer for Dimplex, Napoleon, and Modern Flames fireplaces, we offer the full lines for each manufacture. We do stock a very limited number of electric fireplaces. We can order any model, usually it takes 7 to 14 business days once ordered. Please contact with any questions.

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