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About Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc.

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Cascade Coil Drapery’s woven wire fabric is a US manufactured product that is produced in Tualatin, Oregon. Cascade Coil takes pride in making a high-quality product that will bring new life into your fireplace for years to come. They offer a wide range of replacement mesh fireplace screens. The standard replacement mesh for fireplace screens is made from a ¼” 19 gauge and comes in a wide variety of side panels and sizes (from 16” to 27”). Each set comes complete with hanging rings and coil tassel pulls. As a bonus, you do not have to have a traditional black color. Cascade Coil’s mesh for fireplace screens comes in 8 different colors that will have everyone talking about your unique fireplace.

Bourlier’s BBQ proudly offers a line of Cascade Coil Drapery products to our customers. For questions about using the affordable woven wire fabric for creating wire mesh draperies, give Bourlier’s BBQ a call, or stop on by and look at the selection we have in our store.

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