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Everburn Manufacturing has been in the business since 1992 and has paved the path as the only company to incorporate design, artistry and innovation in producing products for Hearth. With the collaborated talents and efforts of several design and mold shop teams, Everburn brings you excellent fireplace solutions that are unmatched in both design and technology. Enhance a Fire media fireplaces and outdoor fire pits will go perfectly with your indoor or backyard décor. The vibrant stones, pebbles and reflective glass we offer for your fire pits add a spark to the outdoor décor of any home. Enhance a Fire also offers replacement fireplace products that will bring new life into your old fireplace, such as brick liners that give a whole new look to the fireplace. The Enhance a Fire company consists of a team of design specialists, artists and a production team that ensures quality every time for that perfect upgrade to your fireplace or fire pit, whether it be indoor or outdoor. Stop by Bourlier’s BBQ today and choose from Enhance a Fire fireplaces and outdoor fire pits for your indoor or backyard décor.

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