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Medium Density Fibercore (MDF) Premier Mantels

Premier Mantels offers some of the best fireplace mantels on the market. Premier Mantels uses wood-covered Medium Density Fibercore (MDF) cut from their state-of-the-art automatic panel saw ensuring the perfect cut for all flat mantel pieces. Instead of using solid lumber for the flat pieces of their fireplace mantels, they use a top-grade wood veneer to cover the MDF. If your mantel is being installed around a fireplace it is being subjected to temperature variances which causes wood to expand and contract. In turn, this can cause the wood of the mantels great damage. Premier Mantels have the advantage of MDF material that won’t get damaged all while maintaining the elegant look of oak, pine and cherry wood. The MDF material for the fireplace mantels is not the same as low-density particle board.

Come see the wide variety of sizes and styles of Premier Mantels fireplace mantels in our showroom at Bourlier’s BBQ today.

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