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Rockwood Charcoal is perfect for cooking food on your grill, especially if you appreciate all-natural products. Rockwood Charcoal is a premium all-natural lump charcoal that comes from the great state of Missouri. Rockwood is made from hardwoods like oak, hickory and maple. You can taste the difference when you use Rockwood charcoal and see the quality. This wood charcoal is friendly to the environment – it is properly dried and cooled to give you larger and more consistent chunks than other brands do. Rockwood Charcoal is all-natural with none of those chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. Rockwood Charcoal is made in America and rated #1 on many sites that rate charcoal.

Come and see the difference! At Bourlier’s BBQ, we carry the 20 lb bag in store. If you’re a cook looking to get outdoors and get the grill going, you can’t go wrong with Rockwood Charcoal grill products. Shop at Bourlier’s BBQ and choose Rockwood Charcoal to fire up your grill and fulfill your outdoor cooking needs.

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