Napoleon Grills LEX 605 with Side Burner, Infrared Bottom and Rear Burners Natural Gas (Limited Stock)


Title :

Napoleon Grills

Natural Gas Grill



  • 6 Burners- 90,500 BTU's
    • 4 Main Burners -64,000 BTU's
      • 1 Infrared Burner
      • 3 Traditional Burners
    • Rear Rotisserie Burner 15,500 BTU's
    • Side Burner 11,000 BTU's
  • Total Cooking Area - 850 SQ. Inches
    • Main Cooking Area 605 SQ. Inches
    • Warming Rack Area 245 SQ. Inches
  • Jet Fire Ignition
  • I-Glow backlit controls knobs
  • Uses Cover 61605 (Sold Separately)
  • Rotisserie Kit 69331 (Sold Separately)
  • Natural Gas
  • OEM Model LEX605RSIBNSS-2





The Napoleon LEX605RSBI Gas Grill with rear infrared burner, infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ bottom burner and range side burner has everything you need. In one unit you have the ability to go from searing over infrared high heat, to baking on the grill like an oven, to rotissing while you make a sauce on the side burner. While you are cooking, friends and family can relax with cold drinks from the integrated ice bucket. The LEX605RSBI is constructed with high quality stainless steel. Not to worry though, this grill may be high-end quality, but it comes with an affordable price tag.


In one grill, the LEX605RSBI provides seven different ways of cooking. Go from high heat searing over the integrated ceramic infrared grill to baking and roasting. The integrated infrared burner heats within seconds to lock in juices. Then move what you’re cooking to finish off. The double-walled lid and rear grill hood contain the heat giving you oven-like performance. Cook your food just like restaurant professionals. Want to make sure that your food is coming along okay? Not a problem. That rear grill hood prevents heat loss in the grill by protecting the food and burners from the elements. The heat produced on a Napoleon Grill is so even you can even bake cookies, bread, and cakes on the grill. This will save you money during the hotter months because you’re not using the oven.

There are 605 square inches of grilling surface on the LEX605RSBI Gas Grill. That means you can fit up to 32 four-inch burgers on there at once, and that’s not including the warming rack area. The stainless steel WAVE™ cooking grids transfer heat beautifully into whatever you’re cooking, creating those unique Napoleon sear lines. Have the freedom to prep your meal on the grill with the large side shelves and included cutting board. Then, while the food is cooking on the grill, prepare sauces or sauté on the gas range burner.

Solid construction isn’t the only great thing about the LEX605RSBI. It is a grill that asked you what you needed and provided it all. The iGlow knobs allow you to grill after dark. They are backlit by stunning blue LED lights that will burn for over 30,000 hours. There is a full width, tapered drip pan to catch anything that the stainless steel sear plates don’t turn into the delicious flavor. Under that, there is a permanent grease tray. The LEX Series Gas Grills light easily with the unique JETFIRE™ ignition system. It lights by shooting a jet of gas that is lit. That jet lights the burners directly through the control knobs. This kind of ignition system will last for years because it stays out of the heat zone of the burners. Everything about this grill screams high-end, except for the price tag.




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