Que Coconut Charcoal 100% Natural Charcoal Briquettes from Coconut Shells 8.8 LB

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Que Charcoal


QUE-Charcoal White Bag

QUE Coconut Charcoal is made from coconut shells left over after the inner coconut parts are processed for coconut milk, oil and meat - no trees are harvested in making our charcoal. QUE coconut charcoal burns up to 50% longer (Up to 12 hours) and 30% hotter (Up to 1300 F) than traditional charcoal briquettes, with no odor and little ash. Coconut charcoal also has a little flare-up when compared with regular charcoal, so is great for cooking fattier food such as chicken or lamb. These are natural, organic briquettes with no additives.  They are great for any BBQ - both high-temperature grilling or "long and slow" cooking.  QUE coconut is a must for "serious smokers".

8.8 Net Pound Bag



1)  What are the ingredients in QUE charcoal?

A:  QUE charcoal is 100% natural, made from coconut shells (Not husks) and a minor amount of food-grade starch to bind the charcoal together and allow it to be made into briquettes.  Unlike many other charcoals, QUE charcoal has no chemicals, fillers or other materials added to the product.

2)  Q:  How is QUE charcoal made?

A:  QUE charcoal is made from the coconut shells left over when coconuts are harvested for the coconut milk, oil & meat.  The coconut shells are cooked at a high temperature in an oxygen depleted environment to create the charcoal, as is done with the manufacture of any charcoal.  This coconut charcoal is ground-up into small pieces and 100% food-grade starch and pure water is added to allow the coconut charcoal to stick together, allowing them to be made into 3" long briquettes. These briquettes are then dried in an oven for an estimated 12 hours to take the moisture content in the briquettes down to about 8%.  The briquettes are then placed into the QUE kraft paper bags you see at our QUE retail partner locations.

3)  Q:  Does QUE have any odour or add any flavour to the food being babeque'd?

A:  No.  QUE does not smell like coconuts nor will it provide a coconut flavouring to your foods. QUE does provide the fantastic traditional BBQ flavouring you expect when BBQ'ing. It has the same pleasant charcoal aroma as any regular charcoal.

4)  Q:  Does QUE require any special starting instructions?  How does QUE charcoal start?

A:  QUE charcoal is started like any other charcoal using any one of several methods to provide an ignition source including:  wood chips, wood starters, BISON Airlighter or starter fluid (Not preferred since QUE has no chemicals in it).  QUE charcoal will start like any other charcoal once the coals get started.

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