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QUE Lump White Oak Charcoal 100% Natural 10 LB

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QUE Lump White Oak Charcoal is made from quebracho blanco (AKA "the axebreaker" white oak hardwood.  It burns hotter, longer and cleaner and does not "pop or spark" like regular lump.  We screen out all dust & pieces < 1 inch at time of bagging so you get more usable product (Some competitors have up to 30% waste in the bag). You use QUE just like traditional charcoal...open the bag, pour in the desired amount, light and grill.

  • 10 LB Bag
  • All Natural
  • White Oak
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1)  What type of wood is QUE Lump made out of?

A:  QUE lump is made from 100% natural quebracho blanco, white oak hardwood.  Also known as the "axe-breaker" due to its hardness & density, QUE lump burns hotter, longer & cleaner than most other lump charcoals.  QUE lump does not pop or spark.  We also screen out all dust and charcoal pieces < 2 inches at the time of bagging so you get more usable product in each & every bag (Some competitive products can have up to 30% of waste in a bag).

2)  Q:  Where does QUE Lump come from?

A:  QUE lump comes from the pampas of Paraguay, where we use reclaimed wood to make our charcoal.  We purchase trees removed for hydro right of ways, roads and ranches that would otherwise be left to rot or be burned onsite.  By reclaiming this wood we do not have to cut down trees.  We bag QUE lump in Paraguay & ship it to Canada & the US.

3) Q:  How big are the pieces of charcoal?

A:  We only use pieces between 5 inches and 2 inches at the time of bagging.  We have found that pieces that are too large do not start well of burn well.  Pieces that are too s,mall turn into dust and are not useful.  During transport and handling some pieces breaj into smaller pieces but most of the charcoal remains larger than 1 inch with little waste.

4) Q:  Does QUE Lump Oak pop or spark?
A:  No.  the density of the hardwood determines whether charcoal pops or sparks.  Oak is a very hard wood and therefore does not pop or spark.

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