Why we no longer sell big green egg

Big Green Egg has 3 dealership rules:

You can only sell Big Green Egg brand ceramic grills.

You can not sell aftermarket accessories for the Egg.

You can not sell Egg online.

None of these rules were congruent with our business strategy and practices, hence we no longer have a relationship with the brand.

Furthermore, we believe the other Brands have created price advantages, and have innovated their product lines while Egg has not.

The increase in the number of Egg dealers in Metro Detroit, particularly the type of stores their product is now sold at, has created an uneven playing field in their brand. Big Green Egg has simply refused to implement a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).

We are still here to serve your needs. We carry aftermarket replacement parts and accessories and we have also have over five different high quality all natural lump charcoal for you to choose from.