Hearth Standard Installation:

HSI-001 Standard Stock Door-Outside Fit 

$300.00 (Additional charges may apply)

HSI-002 New Gas Log (with existing gas line)  


HSI-003 Site Inspections (The only fee Bourlier's collects is this one.)  


Hearth Standard Service:

HSS-100 Gas Log Tune-Up (Refresh)   

$200.00 (Parts will be added separately)

HSS-100KIT Bourlier's Only Gas Log Tune-Up Kit (Includes Embers, Lava Rock & Sand)

$50.97 + Tax

HSS-200 Pilot Light / Safety Check

$200.00 Local Service Area      

HSS-300 Pilot Light / Safety Check

$200.00 Outside Local Service Area

HSS-400 Diagnostic service call 


HSS-500 Interior Fireplace Painting

$200.00 (paint included)
$150.00 (if customer is adding to a log set install service)

HSL-101 Standard Labor Charge 

$200.00 per hour (1 Hour minimum)

HCD-101 Custom Door Measure for Matt

$125.00 ($75.00 is credited back towards door purchase)

HCD-102 Custom Door Consult for Matt

$50.00 Customer was not ready for measure - i.e.…work on site is not completed. This fee will not be applied to customers purchase.

Outdoor Standard Installation:

OSI-001 Standard post mount gas grill (existing gas line) 

$450.00 and up (Landscaping repair work or brick paver work not included)

OSI-002 Change out of quick disconnect fittings

 $200.00 (With existing gas line)

Outdoor Standard Service:

Gas Grill Cleaning is not part of the grill service fees. It is strongly suggested that we recommend grill cleaning before service

OSS-100 Gas Grill Service  

$200.00 (Parts will be added separately)

OSS-200 Diagnostic Service Call


OSS-300 Standard Labor Charge

$200.00 per hour (1 Hour Minimum)