ThermoWorks is the best choice when you are looking for high-quality cooking thermometers. They are the industry standard for all barbecuers, with the quickness of the temperature reading and the accuracy. This means less time with the lid open to your barbecue or smoker, allowing perfect execution of your food. At Bourlier’s BBQ, we carry a small portion of the catalog in the store, but we can get anything that they sell!

We carry the following items currently in the store:

  • IR Pocket Thermometer
  • MK4 Thermapen in yellow, green, red, blue, and black
  • Chefalarm w/ Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe and Case in black, blue, and red
  • Dot with Pro Series High Temp Straight Penetration Probe in black, blue and red
  • ThermoPop Backlit with Rotating Display in black, blue and redSmoke a Dual Channel Remote Thermometer

If you like cooking and can’t wait to make delicious food on your grill, then we have the right products for you. Please come and check out the ThermoWorks product in our store (We do not sell this online). Any customer service questions regarding your ThermoWorks product is handled through ThermoWorks.