New 2017: Weber Stephen has released it’s new Genesis II line of grills. Much like the Spirit series, they are now made in China.

Price range $499—$1999.This will have no place in our line up since we still carry nine grill companies that are made in the USA and 1 Canadian based who primarily makes all of there USA grills in Paris, Kentucky. We understand that many products are made overseas, but when we can find something that is Made in the USA, that is cheaper and made better we will go with that every time.

The open cart design is not attractive at all. The grease pan is accessible to outdoor wildlife. When this design was used in the past, wind seriously affected the heat in the grill entering through the grease tray area. We will test out the product line, and read reviews as they are available from the field before we place final judgment. The fixed cart models really jump up in price. We feel they are very expensive for what you are getting, compared to other brands. You can still get a quality grill made in the USA starting at $349.99.

We will continue to have parts for your older Made in the USA Weber Grills.