Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets 40 LB Bag Hickory Maple Blend 100% Hardwood

Title :

Smoke Ring



  • 40 LB Bag
  • 100% Hardwood by labeled species
    • No Fillers
  • Made in Michigan Product
  • Flavor
    • Hickory Maple Blend


Our Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets contain NO fillers and are always 100% the labeled species.

Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets are available in 12 flavors that cover all the meats and flavor profiles desired by smoke enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you want the light and sweet smoke flavor of cherry wood, or the deep, rich flavor of the mighty oak wood, Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets has what you want.

Some of our competitors will use a neutral wood, such as Alder and Oak, to create a low cost ‘blended’ pellet. At the same time, these competitors can offer a ‘premium’ fee for those wanting to purchase pure pellets.

All of the wood used in Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets is locally sourced in cooperation with foresters committed to the sustainability of our natural resources.

Made in Michigan

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